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Fall asleep fast- snoring aid

5 Telltale Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Turns out, we’re not that good at knowing when we’re sleep deprived. As sleep experts explain it, we quickly adapt to not getting the rest we need, in order to get through the day. Then we tell ourselves we don’t need eight hours of sleep—six will do just fine. READ MORE


little girl sleeping with stuffed bunny

What causes snoring in children?

I’ve written before about the adorable (if odd) noises my daughter makes in her sleep. Sometimes she snorts and grunts like an old man with smoker’s lung, though it seems to have gotten better as she’s gotten older. The other night she fell asleep on me and I got to witness those noises again. READ MORE


Toddler Taking a nap

How much sleep is really enough for you?

Sleep needs change over our lifetimes, most dramatically during the developmental years of childhood and adolescence. Any parent knows newborns need a lot of sleep throughout the day and night. But right through their high-school years, children and teens need more sleep than adults to, to help fuel all the physiological growth and development they’re undergoing. READ MORE


Lazy Dog Sleeping in bed with human

How does sleeping with pets affect your sleep?

Do you snuggle up at night with your beloved pet? Is your bed a nightly tangle of two and four-legged creatures jostling for space and just the right amount of blanket? If so, you’re in plenty of company (and not just in that crowded bed). READ MORE


Sexual Health in Men and Snoring

Poor sleep and snoring compromise men’s sexual health.

There’s not much about our lives and our health that sleep doesn’t affect. And that includes sex. Both men and women can face sexual problems that are linked to sleep—problems relating to sexual desire and also to sexual function. For men, one of those sleep-related sexual issues is erectile dysfunction or ED. READ MORE


Second Hand Snoring health affects

Effect of secondhand snoring and the associated health risks.

It’s like an orchestra in my bedroom at night—and I am not talking about violins. The symphony I listen to on a nightly basis is one of snoring. Swap out strings and woodwinds for honking and wheezing and you get the idea. Like any of you who snuggle up to a snorer at night, I am regularly exposed to what’s known as “secondhand snoring.” READ MORE


Snoring will drive you insane

Declaring your independence from snoring.

In the U.S., we’re celebrating Independence Day tomorrow, with fireworks and cookouts and those quiet moments when we remember what the day is there to mark: the ideals of liberty that drove our founding as a nation. My family will meet up with friends for a hike and lake swim, and later we’ll all find a comfortable spot to watch our town’s fireworks show. READ MORE


Snoring in kids is a health indicator

4 Reasons to take snoring in children seriously

The sight and sound of a young child snoring might seem sweet and funny to many of us in the moment. That buzzy, sawmill noise coming from a sweet-sleeping little person makes for quite a contrast. But snoring in children is actually something to take seriously. READ MORE