Best Snoring Mouthpieces From 2019

Have you been looking for an effective, affordable way to treat snoring? Then you already know how many snoring solutions are out there, and how very different they can be. Within each category of snoring aid — chin straps, mouthpieces, CPAP machines, and nasal strips and dilators, to name a few — there are just as many variations. Generally, snoring mouthpieces are considered an effective, minimally intrusive, and cost-effective snoring aid. But the assorted brands of snoring mouthpieces come in different shapes, with different features, and with a variety of pros and cons. ZQuiet, SnoreRx, Zyppah, Vital Sleep, and Pure Sleep all offer a unique approach toward snoring relief. But not all snoring mouthpieces are created equal. To figure out the best snoring mouthpieces currently on the market, we’ve reviewed some of the biggest names to help guide your journey toward better sleep.(Before reading our reviews, it might help to know a little bit more about snoring mouthpieces and how they work. See our break down of the different types of snoring mouthpieces here.)

How We Determine the “Best Snoring Mouthpiece”

So what are the best snoring mouthpieces in 2019? And what makes a mouthpiece the best? For starters, comfort, effectiveness, and convenience are extremely important. What’s the point of reducing your snoring if your uncomfortable, ineffective snoring aids prevent you from going to sleep? Other ranking factors include affordability and the level of preparation required, both of which vary from mouthpiece to mouthpiece.Keep reading to see how the most popular snoring mouthpieces compare on these major factors and others.

Best Snoring Mouthpieces by Brand

MADMandibular Adjustment Device. These mouthpieces work to keep the lower jaw from sliding back, allowing air to pass freely through your airway without creating a harsh vibration.TSDTongue Stabilizing Device. These mouthpieces keep the tongue positioned at the front of the mouth, rather than repositioning the lower jaw. The most common TSD design is commonly referred to as a Tongue Retention Device (TRD).
SnoreRx®Pure Sleep®Vital Sleep®Zyppah®
Type of MouthpieceHinged MADAdjustable MADSemi-Adjustable MADAdjustable MADNon-Adjustable MAD/TSD
Comfort and FlexibilityFull flexibility. Universal fit.NO flexibility. Custom fit.NO flexibility. Semi-custom fit.No flexibility. Semi-custom fit.No flexibility. Semi-custom fit. Immovable tongue strap.
Accessible BreathingUnrestricted open front design for easy breathing.Restrictive front for limited mouth breathing.Restrictive front for limited mouth breathing.Restrictive front for limited mouth breathing.Restrictive front for limited mouth breathing.
PreparationReady out of the box. No boiling, molding and fitting required.Must boil and mold before use.Must boil and mold before use.Must boil and mold before use.Must boil and mold before use.
Adjustable MovementLiving hinge design allows side-to-side jaw movement and freedom to open and close mouth. Adjustable to 2mm and 6mm settings.Up to 10mm of adjustable movement.Only allows 3 settings.Up to 8mm of adjustable movement.Not adjustable.
Affordability$79.95 (and optional refills only $30 every 4 months)$99 (per mouthpiece)$69.95 (per mouthpiece$59.95 (per mouthpiece)$99.95 (per mouthpiece)

Breaking Down The Pros And Cons Of Major Snoring Mouthpiece Brands


  • Type of mouthpiece:
    • Hinged MAD (Mandibular Adjustment Device)
  • Pros:
    • Hinge design allows for maximum movement
    • Highly flexible
    • No boiling, molding, or fitting required
    • Unrestricted front for easy breathing through the mouth in any sleeping position
    • High-performance medical device regulated by the FDA
  • Cons:
    • Less affordable than some options
    • Not as custom fit
    • Limited adjustment 
How would ZQuiet rate themselves against the competition?  ZQuiet is one of the easiest mouthpieces to use due to the universal fit and hinged design. Adjustment has been simplified to the 2 most common advancement sizes, and it is the most flexible and low-profile mouthpieces available which makes it easier to wear in the mouth. The hinge maximizes mobility and soft flexible material enhances user comfort.  ZQuiet has sold more mouthpieces in the U.S. than any other brand.


  • Type of mouthpiece:
    • Adjustable MAD
  • Pros:
    • Highly adjustable settings
  • Cons:
    • Rigid and bulky
    • No flexibility or jaw mobility.
    • Restrictive front for limited breathing
    • Must boil and mold product for custom fit
How would ZQuiet rate SnoreRx?  SnoreRx offers a highly custom fit and the largest amount of advancement, but at the cost of being rigid and bulky which, many users find hard to tolerate when they sleep.

Pure Sleep

  • Type of mouthpiece:
    • Semi-Adjustable MAD
  • Pros:
    • Relatively affordable
    • Some adjustment
    • Semi-custom fit
    • Very rigid
  • Cons:
    • Very limited adjustment settings
    • Restrictive front for limited breathing
    • Must boil and mold product for semi-custom fit
  • How would ZQuiet rate PureSleep? PureSleep is a good value option that provides some adjustment and some customization but is rigid and many report that it easily falls out of the mouth.


  • Type of mouthpiece:
    • Adjustable MAD
  • Pros:
    • Relatively affordable
    • Some adjustment
    • Semi-custom fit
  • Cons:
    • Restrictive front for limited breathing
    • Must boil and mold product for semi-custom fit
    • Adjustment mechanism is bulky
    • Very rigid
How would ZQuiet rate VitalSleep? Vital Sleep offers a semi-custom fit and a wide range of advancement, but the device is rigid and the adjustment mechanism is bulky which forces the jaw to open wider which many users find hard to tolerate when they sleep.


  • Type of mouthpiece:
    • MAD/TSD
  • Pros:
    • Semi-Custom fit
    • Includes tongue stabilizing strap
    • Combines MAD with a TSD
  • Cons:
    • No adjustment features
    • Restrictive front for limited breathing
    • Must boil and mold product for semi-custom fit
    • Very rigid
    • Tongue strap promotes gag reflex
How would ZQuiet rate Zyppah? Zyppah is unique in that it combines a MAD with a TSD to provide more effective snoring reduction, but many find that the tongue stabilizing strap is uncomfortable, causes a gag reflex, and is hard to keep in the mouth.  

What Makes The ZQuiet® Snoring Mouthpiece Different?

While many brands offer their own version of snoring relief, it’s clear they often come at the expense of comfort, flexibility, and convenience.ZQuiet’s snoring mouthpiece excels at delivering a better night’s sleep with our patented Living Hinge design, made to deliver maximum comfort while enabling the snorer to have complete freedom to open and close their mouth, easily breathe, or move their jaw. The hinge also ensures the mouthpiece never falls out of place and continues to reduce snoring as the night goes on. Best of all, the universal fit means that it’s ready out of the box, there’s no prep time needed to get started with ZQuiet. Just wear it and start experiencing a quiet, restful sleep.Interested in trying ZQuiet? Learn more about why it works here, or get started with a risk-free 30-day trial now!
The Competition Just Doesn't Stack Up!SnoreRx®Pure Sleep®Vital Sleep®Zyppah®
Living hinge design to hold in place
No Boiling, molding and fitting
Ready out of the box
Provides adjustment options
Allows freedom to open and close mouth
Allows side to side jaw movement
Unrestrictive open front design for easy breathing
Thin and low profile: one material
Compare Quality and SafetyNot all Anti-Snoring devices on the market are the same...
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