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Introducing QuietOn 3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds

woman in bed sleeping with QuietOn 3 anc active noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping


Drumroll please….we proudly introduce the new QuietOn 3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds!

These new noise cancelling earbuds are the ultimate must-have for a quiet and comfortable night’s sleep if your bed partner snores.

A new gold standard in active noise cancelling

In development for over 6 years, QuietOn’s engineering team spent countless hours analyzing hundreds of audio tapes, including the sounds of snoring, traffic and other noises that can come through walls, to create the new gold standard of active noise cancellation by suppressing the sound(s) that disturb your sleep and leave you feeling tired and unfocused the next day.

The world’s smallest ANC device

Ultra-small, low-profile, and smart, the QuietOn 3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds is the world’s smallest active noise cancelling device. But, it is big in other ways: these earbuds have a 28-hour battery life and come with a range of different-sized ear tips to ensure the best fit to cancel out any sound effectively.

How they work

QuietOn 3 earbud technical detailsQuietOn 3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds work by producing an opposing sound that reduces audible noises, such as that annoying snoring as well as other environmental noises.

Small and lightweight, they only take a single hour to be fully charged. They come complete with four sizes of soft memory foam ear tips, rechargeable charging case, and USB-C charging cable.

The reviews are in

Snore cancelling headphones are finally here, and they are absolutely brilliant.Digital Trends

QuietOn earplugs allow you to create a 'personal space' even though the world around you is chaos.Michael Marquis, iReviews

Now both of you can get a good night's sleep.HuffPost

"I was eager to try these earbuds as I live in a really noisy part of New York. There's an above-ground subway station and a busy intersection in front of my bedroom window. I didn't expect the QuietOn earbuds to knock out every sound -- even the most expensive noise-cancelling headphones like Apple's AirPods Max can't do that. But I was curious to see how of all that noise they could drown out. I found that while it takes a bit more work for me to get these earbuds to fit, they can block out a lot of idle sounds." READ MORE Reviewed by Mike Sorrentino at c|net

"The QuietOn 3 sleep earplugs use a combination of soft foam and active noise cancelling to block out the type of annoying background sound that can prevent you getting to sleep and staying there. Whether it's traffic, snoring, or a neighbor's TV, these small and lightweight earplugs will eliminate it. Higher frequencies will still get through, so you can hold a conversation and hear your alarm in the morning. Unlike the Bose Sleepbuds II there are no ambient noises to soothe you; the QuietOn 3 sleep earplugs are all about the sound of silence, and they're very effective". READ MORE Reviewed by Cat Ellis at techradar

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