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ZQuiet FIRM Mouthpiece Refill
ZQuiet FIRM Mouthpiece RefillZQuiet FIRM Mouthpiece RefillZQuiet FIRM Mouthpiece Refill

The ZQuiet Firm Mouthpiece is designed with a stiffer grade material and an extra-strong hinge.  It is perfect for those people who are prone to clenching and grinding their teeth or those that find they are needing to replace the standard ZQuiet® mouthpiece more frequently than every 3 or 4 months.


Firm Size 1Firm Size 2

Choosing the Right Mouthpiece


The ZQuiet Comfort Refills are the same mouthpieces supplied in your original 2-Size Comfort System Starter Pack and is recommended for most people.  Replace it at least every 4 to 6 months for the best results.


Designed for people that clench and grind their teeth and/or prematurely wear out the standard Comfort Mouthpiece.  Made with a stiffer grade material and extra strong hinge, the ZQuiet Firm Refill should only be used by people with very healthy teeth and strong jaws.

Find Your Size  

Before you reorder, identify the ZQuiet® mouthpiece size that worked best for you.



How to Determine the Correct Size:

Identify the mouthpiece size by looking for the “1” or "2" inside the circle on the underside of the tray for the upper teeth as shown in the diagram below. 

More Refill Options  

ZQuiet Clean

Keep your ZQuiet Mouthpiece and/or ZQuiet Breathe minty fresh and free of germs & bacteria with ZQuiet Clean.

ZQuiet Breathe

Nasal breathing is essential for sleep & health. Increase airflow and oxygen while you sleep or exercise with ZQuiet Breathe 

ZQuiet Chin-UP

These single use strips provide support your jaw and promote nasal breathing to prevent loud open-mouth snoring.

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