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Because so many options exist when it comes to stop snoring devices, it’s important to know what you’re getting with each selection. Anti-snoring mouthpieces, especially, can differ in quality and effectiveness. We’ve answered a few key questions you may have, but if you don’t see your question below, please tweet us. We’re happy to help you with your search for the best method to kick snoring out of bed.

How do snoring mouthpieces work?

Stop snoring mouthpieces differ from throat sprays, nasal strips, and other options because they target the primary area where snoring takes place — your throat. Mouthpieces address this specific issue by expanding your airway…keep reading

How do I properly use a snoring mouthpiece?

Many mouthpieces require a preliminary step where you customize the device to your mouth. You’ll most likely also have to set the adjustment on the mouthpiece as well, before you complete this process. The adjustment setting is the amount your jaw shifts forward…keep reading

How do I keep my snoring mouthpiece clean?

While brushing your teeth regularly is a great first step in maintaining a fresh stop snoring mouthpiece, it’s important to clean the device itself regularly…keep reading

How much do snoring mouthpieces cost?

As with many products, there is no exact dollar amount when it comes to the cost of a stop snoring mouthpiece. Factors like quality, materials, and proven effectiveness can each contribute to the overall cost…keep reading

Are there side effects to using a snoring mouthpiece?

Experiencing an adjustment period when using a new product of any kind should be expected. This is especially true for anything you wear for an extended period of time. With stop snoring mouthpieces, there can be some initial side effects as your body adjusts. These mostly minor side effects…keep reading

Can you use a snoring mouthpiece with dentures?

Stop snoring mouthpieces or Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) work by fitting securely over your front teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. Because this process requires the mouthpiece to engage with your teeth, there are certain instances where an anti-snoring mouthpiece should not be used…keep reading

Are snoring mouthpieces available over-the-counter?

While many of the oral appliances to stop snoring available in the U.S. require a doctor’s or dentist’s prescription, an assortment of equally-effective mouthpieces are now on the market…keep reading

Do I need to see a dentist before trying a snoring mouthpiece?

The best first step, when considering any oral device, is to consult a medical professional and confirm that your snoring isn’t part of a more significant problem…keep reading

Can a snoring mouthpiece treat sleep apnea?

Snoring may be a symptom of the disorder, which can lead you to look at anti-snoring devices, like mouthpieces, for treatment, but they won’t address the central issue…keep reading

Can a snoring mouthpiece treat an overbite?

Overbites typically happen as a result of one of two alignment issues. Snoring and having an overbite are not always mutually exclusive issues. Managing your snoring is often most effectively accomplished by using a stop snoring mouthpiece. This device, however, does not permanently realign your jaw…keep reading

Are snoring mouthpieces bad for my teeth?

If used correctly, stop snoring mouthpieces are not bad for your teeth. The trick is to ensure that you have healthy teeth and that the mouthpiece is properly fitted to your mouth. Sounds easy, but it isn’t always the case…keep reading

Do snoring mouthpieces prevent teeth grinding?

Snoring and bruxism (teeth grinding), are two completely different issues you may experience while sleeping. They affect two different areas in your mouth and lead to different potential side effects, yet treatments can overlap…keep reading

For more information on your options, when it comes to finding the right anti-snoring mouthpiece for you, we’ve created a thorough comparison of available devices. We welcome you to check this page out to learn more and then email us at info@zquiet.com with any additional questions or concerns.