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Welcome to ZQuiet Nights!

You have taken the first step towards great sleep, feeling rested, and rejuvenating your intimate relationship. Congratulations! At ZQuiet We Know Snoring: After 10 years of working with medical & dental professionals and helping millions of snorers we know that treating snoring requires the right product solution. Not everyone is the same, and not every product works for everyone. For some, one product does the trick the first night. Others need “co-therapy,” a combination of products to find a solution that works for them.We hope this guide will help you get the most from your ZQuiet products and optimize your journey to quiet nights. If you snore, or your bed partner does, all of us here at ZQuiet are here to help.
Dan & Trina Webster - Founders, ZQuiet

Getting Started

Step 1: Commit to an adjustment period. Many people find it takes some time to get used to using these products. 

  • This could be as little as 1 night, or as much as 2 weeks 
  • Remember to be patient and committed 

Step 2: Follow the recommended steps in the inside of this Quick Start Guide.

  • We’ve made it easy to follow 
  • Don’t try everything at once 
  • Read the instructions included with each product 

Step 3: Measure and Optimize. The most comfortable and effective solution may be co-therapy. 

  • Try using different combinations of products 
  • Track your progress with our free snoring measurement app: 

Step 4: Maintain and Re-supply.

  • Be sure to properly clean and store your re-usable ZQuiet products 
  • Replace items as recommended 
  • Subscribe & Save! Get refills delivered when you need them at the lowest price. 

Need Help? We won’t rest until you do! Please call us at (800) 281-0543 or email us at if you have questions or need assistance along the way.

Let's Get Going!

Start with the most effective treatment, the ZQuiet Mouthpiece, which widens your airway to address the most common source of snoring: the vibration of soft tissue in the back of the throat.

  • Read the instructions for best results
  • Start with Size #1 which advances the jaw only slightly
  • Wear it for short periods while awake until you are comfortable enough to try falling asleep with it
  • If size #1 works that’s great.
  • If Size #1 doesn’t stop the snoring, move to Size #2.

Note: Most side effects are normal. Whether it’s drooling or a sore jaw in the morning, these usually disappear with time and use. Please see the full list of warnings, side effects, and tips in the instructions.

Feeling Ready?

Next add the ZQuiet Breathe to improve nasal airflow and further reduce snoring. It is clinically proven to increase airflow by 58% which improves oxygen intake so you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

  • Read the instructions for best results
  • It may take a few nights to get used to the sensation in the nose
  • The “wings” can be inserted up or down. See what works best for you.
  • ZQuiet Clean works great! Use a small pump of the foaming cleaner and rub between your fingers and rinse with water.
Note: Try using ZQuiet Breathe when you exercise for added benefits.

Any Issues?

ZQuiet Chin-UP is ideal if you are experiencing any side effects from using the ZQuiet mouthpiece.

  • Helps to keep the mouthpiece from falling out of your mouth
  • Prevents open mouth snoring and reduces dry mouth discomfort
  • Helps stabilize the jaw to reduce joint discomfort
  • Works in conjunction with ZQuiet Breathe to enhance nasal breathing
Note: Many people find that they occasionally want to take a night off from wearing the mouthpiece and find ZQuiet Chin-UP and ZQuiet Breathe in combination provides the needed relief.

Keep them Clean!

Keeping your ZQuiet mouthpiece and nasal dilator clean and free of harmful germs and bacteria is a must. Nothing is quicker and easier than ZQuiet Clean.

  • Make it part of your morning routine
  • Share it with your family: ZQuiet Clean has many uses.

Note: Works great on orthodontic aligners, retainers, dentures, partials, night guards, athletic mouthpieces, whitening trays, device storage containers and toothbrushes.

Measure and Optimize.

It’s important to measure the severity of the initial snoring problem and track your progress with each solution or product combination. SnoreLab is easy and convenient tool to use.

  • Gives you verifiable data to track your progress
  • Proves which personalized solution works best for you
  • Lets you know when products need to be refilled for optimal performance

  Note: Free download