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Patient & Practitioner Friendly Appliance Solutions for Better Sleep and Better Health

Millions of patients and their bed partners are suffering due to simple snoring and could be facing more serious health risks due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Together we can give them access to an easy, immediate, and safe treatment solution. Whether you are an experienced dental sleep specialist or medical practitioner, nothing is more satisfying than improving the lives of your patients through better sleep and better health.

ZQuiet S.A. Is The Most Patient Friendly Oral Appliance For The Treatment Of Snoring And OSA:

  • ZQuiet S.A. works immediately using proven mandibular advancement technology
  • The ZQuiet S.A. System provides progressive jaw advancement to optimize the airway
  • ZQuiet's patented "living hinge" allows the patient to have freedom of jaw movement with the device in their mouth, while boil-and-bite devices fix the jaw closed. This natural movement is less intrusive during normal sleep and provides the ability to talk or drink water while awake without having to remove the device
  • Ready to use with no molding or time-consuming preparations.

Interim Oral Appliance Packaged For Dental Sleep Medicine

ZQuiet S.A. is your “go to” appliance to keep your patient’s airway open while a custom device is being fabricated or repaired. The resilient hinge provides mechanical retention eliminating impressions and unnecessary chair time to help maximize the efficiency of your sleep practice. ZQuiet S.A. is indicated to treat simple snoring and/or mild to moderate OSA under FDA Clearance: #K122475.

ZQuiet S.A. is available in 4 protrusive sizes (A, B, C & D), each providing an increasing amount of advancement in +2mm increments from the teeth being positioned end-to-end. Size A has the least advancement (teeth end-to-end) and Size D has the greatest (+6mm beyond end-to-end).

Introductory Oral Appliance Packaged For Medical Professionals

The ZQuiet® S.A. consists of 4 mouthpieces that provide progressive advancement of the jaw in 2mm increments. Each mouthpiece consists of an upper and lower tray that fits comfortably over the teeth and is joined by a flexible hinge to allow the mouth to open and close. The trays are designed to position the lower jaw slightly forward to open the airway in the back of the throat. ZQuiet® S.A. is indicated to treat simple snoring and/or mild to moderate OSA under FDA Clearance: #K122475.

Each ZQuiet® S.A. system includes: 4 Mouthpieces (1 in each advancement size), 1 Storage Case, and Instructions for Use & Care.

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