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Are you an epic snorer? Is your Snore Score off the charts?
Bring that score down with ZQuiet.


SnoreLab user results show that ZQuiet is among the most effective remedies to alleviate snoring. In fact, ZQuiet worked for a higher proportion of users and achieved, on average, greater reductions in snoring intensity.

Summary data collected by SnoreLab shows:

  • 70% of people who tried ZQuiet reported significantly reduced snoring.
  • 50% of people who tried ZQuiet® reported undetectable snoring.
  • The average reduction in snoring intensity (SnoreLab Snore Score) was 70%.

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ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece 2-Size Starter Pack
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*Better Sleep Guarantee: Your shipment will include the ZQuiet 2-Size Comfort System, travel case and instructions for use. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, simply ship back your ZQuiet within 60 days and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price (Shipping & Processing fees are non-refundable).

SnoreLab reviewed millions of nights of data and reported that “These results place ZQuiet amongst the very best consumer anti-snoring remedies tracked by SnoreLab. What was also notable was the ZQuiet® achieved better results than the ‘other brands‘ mouthpieces tracked in the app.” SnoreLab user reviews also reveal what the ‘other brands’ of mouthpieces don’t tell you: “In comparison, competing consumer ‘boil and bite’ devices are often rigid, bulky and can make mouth breathing difficult.” In fact, most other devices can cause you to clench your teeth when you wear them. ZQuiet is thin, lightweight, flexible and allows natural jaw movement. With ZQuiet, you can open your mouth, breathe naturally, and even talk or take a drink.

  • No Boiling
  • No Molding
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Just pop it in - and it works. Guaranteed! It is no wonder SnoreLab rates ZQuiet® as the “best value on the market.”

Real People....Real Stories


Keri: The kids across the hall could hear him snoring.

Steve: And I tried to be really apologetic because I’d go “did I snore last night?” or if she’d kicked me out, I’d remember it! I’d apologize and go “I’m so sorry! I mean I can’t control it!” I would try not to. I would try sleeping in different positions. I’d say, “Well let me try wadding the pillow up and putting it behind my head in this way” or “I’m gonna make sure I sleep on my stomach or sleep on my side”. And I felt terrible because I felt like I was hurting her sleep through no fault of her own. I felt guilty and I really wouldn’t want to do that to her. I considered the surgery as well because I figured there is no way some product on TV was going to fix my problem I had this majorly that obviously runs in my family. So we buy it and it shows up. I popped it in and thought well I mean it’s gonna take a little bit of getting used to but, it’s not gonna keep me up. Okay, we’ll give it a try. So, that night I put it in, didn’t have any trouble falling asleep and remember waking up in the same bed and not having been nudged in the middle of the night.

Keri: Yeah you forgot it when we went to the cabin.

Steve: Right!

Keri: One weekend, that was not fun!

Steve: No!

Keri: Woah!

Steve: It was not a long time ago.

Keri: It’s the only time he’s forgotten to take it; on an out-of-town trip. And it was like stepping back in time remembering, and it actually made me appreciate it a little bit more because I remembered what it was like without it.

Steve: I’d say before the ZQuiet, life was a little more tense and cranky around our house. I felt guilty for putting her through something that she didn’t deserve. I think life after ZQuiet sounds silly to say that a little product that you just pop in your mouth can have a big impact on your quality of life but, it really has. If you sleep better it seems everything in life is better. I’d say I’ve been using the ZQuiet for a little over a year. And the number one reason I keep using it is because it works just as simple as that. It lets her sleep through the night which lets me sleep through the night and as long as it keeps working, we’ll keep using it.


Robbin: Rick is really good at snoring. Very good! As soon as he hits the pillow, I mean he can fall asleep within five minutes. And he’s snoring. It’s like, (makes snoring sound) that’s what it sounds like pretty much. That one of the first nights that Rick used the ZQuiet, my son said the next day, Reilly said “Dad I didn’t even hear you in my room. Before (using) the ZQuiet; not getting a restful night sleep was pretty common for both of us. And you know, waking up the next day you’re groggy, you are tired, you are grumpy. And with the ZQuiet, it’s the total opposite; it’s great! It’s been phenomenal for us.

Rick: And with the ZQuiet I’m not being kicked and nudged and bumped and you know told to be quiet and roll over you know and yeah so it’s been great, yeah!

Robbin: And having the ZQuiet makes everybody much happier the next day.

Rick: Yes, Yeah! Attitudes are better; you know getting a restful night sweet sleep is great, yeah!


Vicki: The snoring was very loud and constant and it was describe it would be to tell you that was just very draining to be next to somebody who you are trying to sleep with and you got that loud reverberation.

Nick: Yeah I was (always) hoping that she would get to sleep before I come up (to bed) because I’d start again to the point where I was concerned because I knew she wasn’t going to get much rest if I came to bed at the same time. I remember going home and she got the bill ‘coz she does all the bills saying, “Yeah, what’s this”. I told her that it is something I purchased which is gonna help my snoring. You know she’s been so used to me to buying all the other stuff I’d tried, so she was kind of skeptical, like “Okay there is another gimmick, are you even going to try it? And I said No, I really read up on this and I am going to make an effort with this, I am going to try it. Pretty much it’s stopped my snoring so it worked great for us.

Vicki: So my experience with the ZQuiet was like a sudden realization, that Nick wasn’t snoring, that I was getting sleep and felt more rested. My life before ZQuiet was not as restful and the big difference is I’m happier in the morning and more energetic. Yeah, that’s the best way to describe what ZQuiet stands for us. I’m a happier person in the morning and more energetic and I think that carries through the day.


Sleep Better, Sleep Together, Sleep Closer!

Cause Of Snoring

  • Muscles and tissue relax during sleep
  • Tongue falls back into the airway
  • Airway narrows and airflow ispartially blocked
  • Vibrating tissue make the snore noise
  • Snoring increased by: obesity, nasal obstruction, alcohol and smoking (also pregnancy)

How We Treat It

  • ZQuiet Mouthpiece advances the lower jaw
  • Prevents the tongue and soft tissue from collapsing in the airway
  • Increases the diameter of the airway
  • Reduces turbulent air and tissue vibration that cause the snoring noise
  • Designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and enables freedom of jaw movement

ZQuiet works - comfortably and instantly by using the same technology that dentists have used for years to effectively treat their patients' snoring issues. Many anti-snoring products on the market just do not achieve the results they promise. You may have tried breathing strips, pillows, chinstraps, and even sprays to treat your snoring, without success. Here's what you don't know: many of these products don't work because they fail to address the root cause of the problem! Snoring starts in the back of the throat. Watch the video to see how it works.


Watch Closely! Most snoring is caused by your jaw relaxing and falling back. Surrounding soft tissues collapse and restrict breathing. Your lungs work hard to force air through this compromised space, resulting in the snoring sound. ZQuiet corrects this. It gently positions your lower jaw slightly forward; helping to open your airway and keeping it clear in any sleeping position. You’ll effectively treat snoring and both sleep better from the very first night. Guaranteed!