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ZQuiet has been the #1 brand in anti-snoring solutions for more than a decade. Our original ZQuiet mouthpiece has won awards for both Best Mouthpiece and Most Comfortable Mouthpiece. Launched in 2008, ZQuiet is one of the first mouthpiece solutions in the US market, and we have helped millions of people get a quiet night’s sleep with our ready-to-use, anti-snoring mouthpiece.

As a ZQuiet Affiliate you can help reach the more than 90 million Americans battling snoring, who are in need of quality sleep. ZQuiet makes significant investments in TV, radio and digital advertising knowing that consumers in the snoring category like to research potential solutions and are interested in reading third party reviews. When you direct a visitor from your website to and they make a qualifying purchase, you will earn commission dollars for the sale.

Here are the reasons to join:

  1. Associate yourself with one of the top brands in anti-snoring solutions and sleep health.
  2. You will earn a competitive commissions rate for sales of our products including mouthpieces, earbuds and accessories.
  3. Get service as great as our products. We not only take pride in our quality products, but also our outstanding service. This extends beyond our customers to our affiliate partners who receive the same quality service and marketing support.

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