Snoring Elimination Set

$110.00 $98.50 Special Pricing

Set provides a combination of snoring therapies including:

  • ZQuiet Comfort System: 2-Size Mouthpiece Starter Pack
  • ZQuiet Breathe: Nasal Dilator
  • ZQuiet Chin-UP: Supportive Anti-Snoring Chin Strips
  • Plus ZQuiet Clean: Foaming Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution

The Snoring Elimination Set is a special ZQuiet offering that includes a combination of the most effective snoring treatment solutions to maximize results and increase the likelihood of success. Start with the Original ZQuiet Mouthpiece set which widens your airway to address the root cause of snoring: the vibration of soft tissue in the back of the throat. Then add the ZQuiet Breathe to expand the nasal passageway and increase airflow by up to 58%, and the ZQuiet Chin-UP which helps stabilize the mouthpiece and prevent loud open mouth snoring. The Set also includes ZQuiet Clean to keep your ZQuiet Mouthpiece and ZQuiet Breathe minty fresh and free of harmful germs and bacteria.

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Better Sleep... Better Life
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ZQuiet was created to help you get quiet, healthy sleep. You probably don’t realize the toll that snoring is taking on your day-to-day life, but after a few nights with ZQuiet, you’ll notice what you have been missing for so long… quiet, restful sleep.

  • Wake up refreshed and revitalized
  • Works for women and men!
  • Small, flexible and low profile
  • Increase your energy with proper sleep
  • Enjoy the health benefits of quality sleep
  • No more sleepless nights!
ZQuiet Comfort System
ZQuiet 2-Size Starter Pack

Guaranteed to Treat Snoring!

ZQuiet Comfort System

Need more information, visit our why it works page here.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece 2-Size Starter Pack:

Includes 2 unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Some customers need just a small advancement, while some need a little more. ZQuiet gives you both mouthpieces to provide you with the most effective treatment so you and your family can get the quiet, restful sleep you deserve. The patented design works for men AND women — the very first night!

ZQuiet Breathe Logo

ZQuiet Breathe is an intra-nasal breathing aid that increases airflow through your nose to relieve sinus congestion and reduce snoring. Use in conjunction with your ZQuiet mouthpiece to eliminate snoring and get the best results possible.

  • Increase airway volume by up to 58%
  • Comfortably fits all sizes of nasal passages
  • Includes storage case
  • Reuse for up to 15 days
ZQuiet Breathe
Flexes to Fit All Sizes
ZQuiet Breathe shown in nose

Compressed wings gently expand your nasal passages to open airways while forming to your nose for a custom fit. This increases oxygen levels to help you sleep better and wake up more energized.

Supportive Sleep Strips

Adhesive strips are die cut from hypoallergenic 3M medical grade material and use latex & gluten-free adhesives. Strips are easy to apply and provide immediate results.

  • Clinically proven to prevent snoring and increase deep sleep
  • Enhances nasal breathing
  • Minimizes dry mouth and dry throat discomfort
  • Includes 4 single use strips

Designed For Use With The ZQuiet Mouthpiece

  • Reduces jaw soreness and dry mouth
  • Helps stabilize the mouthpiece to prevent it from falling out
  • Prevents open mouth snoring

ZQuiet Clean

Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

  • Effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria on contact
  • Easy to use – just pump, scrub and rinse
  • Cleans in less than 60 seconds
  • Fresh mint scent removes offensive odors
  • All natural formulation is BPA, persulfate and chlorine-free
  • The 1.5oz pump is convenient to take with you on the go and is TSA compliant for air travel
Cleans and sterilizes oral applicances

Your ZQuiet Snoring Elimination Set

The following items come packaged in a custom ZQuiet Box.

ZQuiet Comfort System
ZQuiet Comfort System
ZQuiet Clean
ZQuiet Clean
Back of Chin-UP package with two strips
ZQuiet Chin-UP
ZQuiet Breathe Storage Case
ZQuiet Breathe