ZQuiet® Chin-UP

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30 Supportive Chin Strips (1 Month Supply)

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ZQuiet® Chin-UP gently supports the chin during sleep to:

  • Effectively reduce or eliminate loud open mouth snoring.
  • Comfortably enhance nasal breathing.

Use in conjunction with the ZQuiet® Mouthpiece to:

  • Safely reduce jaw soreness.
  • Gently reduce dry mouth discomfort.
  • Securely stabilize the mouthpiece.

These patented adhesive strips are die cut from hypoallergenic 3M medical grade material and use latex & gluten free adhesives. Strips are easy to apply and provide immediate results. ZQuiet® Chin-UP can be worn on its own or in combination with the ZQuiet® Mouthpiece to enhance results and help minimize some common side effects associated with using an oral appliance.

CPAP Users: ZQuiet® Chin-UP can also safely be worn in combination with CPAP masks and cannulas to safely reduce or eliminate loud open mouth snoring and reduce dry mouth discomfort.

Caution: Do not use ZQuiet® Chin-UP if you are allergic to medical tape adhesives.

Easy to Use and Apply

ZQuiet Chin-UP logo

1.  Remove strip from one edge and peel off.

Person applying Chin-UP strip

2.  Using both hands, press cheek tabs with index fingers and pull chin section under bottom lip.

Person with Chin-UP strip on face

3.  After applied, gently press on strip to secure all areas.

4.  Bottom lip should be snug against top lip after application.

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