ZQuiet® 2-Size Starter Pack


ZQuiet Comfort System Starter Pack Includes:

  • ZQuiet Comfort Size #1 Mouthpiece: Advances Jaw +2mm
  • ZQuiet Comfort Size #2 Mouthpiece: Advances Jaw +6mm
  • Protective Storage Case: Protects your ZQuiet and helps maintain the living hinge. Compact size is ideal for travel.
  • 30 Night Better Sleep Guarantee*

*30 Night Better Sleep Guarantee™: ZQuiet is committed to better sleep for everyone. Enjoy your purchase for a full 30 nights. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, simply return your purchase within 35 days for a refund or credit (S&P fees are non-refundable).

Better Sleep... Better Life
We GUARANTEE results*

  • Wake up refreshed and revitalized
  • Works for women and men!
  • Small, flexible and low profile
  • Increase your energy with proper sleep
  • Enjoy the health benefits of quality sleep
  • No more sleepless nights!

Unsure if a mouthpiece is an appropriate solution for you?
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Why Do You Get 2 ZQuiet Mouthpieces?

Moving the lower jaw forward widens the airway to increase airflow and reduce the vibrations in the throat that cause snoring. Both size #1 and size #2 mouthpieces fit the teeth exactly the same, but advance the lower jaw a different amount. Once you determine the mouthpiece size that provides the optimal results, replacements can be ordered at a discount in either size.

Only 1 ZQuiet® is Right For You!

Backed by Years of Technology and Research

Snoring noise is caused by tissue vibration in the back of the throat. ZQuiet® widens the airway by gently advancing your lower jaw to quiet the noise instantly! Many people need just a small advancement, while some need a little more. ZQuiet®‘s new Comfort System now gives you both sizes so you can be assured of comfort AND results. This is based on the same technology that dentists have been using for years to effectively treat their patients’ snoring issues — but ZQuiet® is engineered to work right out of the box with no fitting required.


ZQuiet’s Living Hinge Technology

The ZQuiet® mouthpiece has soft hinges in place to provide maximum flexibility and comfort so that it can adapt with the way you sleep and provide maximum relaxation. This feature enables you to sleep comfortably throughout the night no matter how you are positioned and whether your mouth is open or closed. The Living Hinge technology is unique to ZQuiet® and is what holds ZQuiet® in place to create the perfect fit WITHOUT boiling, molding, or hassle!

ZQuiet Clean

Foaming Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

  • Effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria on contact.
  • Easy to use – just pump, scrub and rinse.
  • Cleans in less than 60 seconds.
  • Fresh mint scent removes offensive odors.
  • All natural formulation is BPA, persulfate and chlorine-free.
  • The 1.5oz pump is convenient to take with you on the go and is TSA compliant for air travel.

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Cleans and sterilizes oral applicances