ZQuiet’s Patented Snoring Cure

Preventing snoring without the use of a CPAP is the key to happy and healthy sleep that improves overall physical and mental health and it’s only attainable through ZQuiet’s FDA cleared anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Hi, I’m Dan Webster.

I’ll introduce myself fully in just a moment. But right now I want you to look at what I’m holding in my hand.

It’s patent # 8,166,976. It was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect the invention of a new clinically proven way to prevent snoring. The only anti-snoring device that provides natural jaw movement, without uncomfortable clenched teeth.

And the best part is, this device helps you actually get a better night sleep which results in greater productivity throughout the day, an enhanced immune system, increased athletic performance, and better relationships. It even decreases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Traditionally, it was believed that snoring was caused by the tongue and the only way to stop it was by restricting the tongue. But additional studies have shown that snoring is actually caused by the lower jaw relaxing and falling back which collapses the airway in the throat creating turbulent air which results in that snoring sound we all know. If the lower jaw can be moved forward slightly, the snoring goes away!

If you’ve tried other tricks or gadgets in the past to subdue snoring and it didn’t work, it’s not your fault. It’s because other anti-snoring techniques do not address the root cause. Nasal strips, tongue retention, pillows; they don’t prevent the soft tissue from falling back in your throat. The ZQuiet anti-snoring device is totally different. The living hinge technology makes it much more comfortable to wear so you don’t have to clench your teeth all night. That is why it’s protected by US Patent # 8,166,976.


Most doctors will try to sell you on an expensive custom device. And the process is painful. First you have to take time off of work to go in and get diagnosed. Then you have to take more time off to come back and get fitted. Finally, you get the bill and end up paying thousands of dollars. The reality is the human mouth only varies so much in size and the mouthpiece required does not need to be completely custom. You can pay only a small fraction of the cost and get the same results.

And those results are important. A recent study published in the National Library of Medicine wanted to know the effect a lack of sleep had on your immune system; specifically, Natural Killer (NK) Cells, which are the ‘special forces’ of your white blood cells. They found that when we are deprived of resultful sleep, we can experience a 72% decrease in NK Cells in just one day. This shows us that each night of poor sleep quality is having an immense negative impact on our health.

This is an important issue for me because it’s something I’ve struggled with personally. I began snoring in my early thirties and it only got worse as I got older. It didn’t bother me much, but then I noticed I had less energy throughout the day and less focus at work. I was even bickering more and more with my wife as resentment grew since she also wasn’t getting a good night’s rest. I wasn’t happy with how my life was progressing. So I decided to do something about it.

I tried all of the tips and tricks. I slept on my side, got a different pillow, tried nasal strips: none of it worked. I even tried other anti-snoring mouthpieces but they were all uncomfortable, overly expensive, or similarly lacked results.

That’s when I decided to make a better device. I partnered with Dr. Avery LIeberman DDS to develop a product that is FDA compliant, comfortable to wear, and most importantly, prevents snoring. After 2 years of grueling research and testing, it worked!

Now, over 1.5 million people use ZQuiet. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the before and afters of real users tracking their snoring with the SnoreLab app:

What makes ZQuiet superior to other alternatives is the fact that it is a simple solution that is easy to use. It requires zero preparation, no visits to a specialist, and no hit-or-miss molding process. It’s ready to go right out of the box!

The starter kit comes with 2 sizes. The first mouthpiece, Comfort Size 1, advances the lower jaw forward by 2mm. If after you are accustomed to this size and are still experiencing light snoring, you can upgrade to Comfort Size 2 which advances the lower jaw by 6mm.

It’s the only mouthpiece that provides natural jaw movement so you don’t have to sleep uncomfortably all night with your teeth clenched. It allows for mouth breathing by giving you the ability to sleep with your mouth open or close. You can even talk or drink water without removing it. Here is what real users are saying about ZQuiet:

Deanna Howard – 

“I tried the cheaper snore guards, but nothing can compare to this particular one. It does the job! My sleep is sound all night, I don’t wake myself up anymore. My husband is grateful for this product, because now he doesn’t have to put up with my loud snoring”

Barbara Osman – 

“I don’t write a lot of reviews but I am so impressed with this product! I am a side sleeping snorer. I never felt rested and woke up my husband frequently with my snoring. I had a sleep study that didn’t show apnea and really felt that I had no way to improve my sleep.

I saw this mouth guard and decided to give it a try. By the second night I was sleeping better, and by week 2 I was sleeping soundly all night and waking rested. I do have jaw soreness in the am but that is improving as I get used to the guard. My husband is sleeping better too!

If you are a snorer give this a try. Feeling rested in the am is amazing!

Will Moore – 

“I’ve been using nose strips for a couple of years to help with snoring and they didn’t help so I decided to try the ZQUIET mouthpiece. I clench my teeth too and wear a mouthpiece for that so I was looking for something that could help with both. I’ve been using the Size 1 mouthpiece for 2 weeks along with a more solid pillow and my snoring is completely gone and my back teeth feel just as good as they did with my clenching mouthpiece. I literally cannot snore with it in and am sleeping way better as is my wife. It took a little getting used to the first couple of nights and my jaw was a little sore when I woke up but I am used to it now and am having no issues.”

The 2-size starter pack is usually a $99.95 investment. But right now, you can get it for $20 off at $79.95. It even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. If you try it out and it doesn’t work, we’ll send you the money back.

You know the negative effects lack of sleep can have on your health. My bet is, you’ve experienced first hand trying other techniques that didn’t help. But you’ve just seen the charts and reviews from real people who had an issue with snoring.

Now it’s time for a decision. There are 3 options:

Option 1: Do absolutely nothing and push it off down the road.

Hopefully resentment doesn’t build up in your romantic relationship and you work out and eat healthy enough to offset the health consequences.

But if you’d like to address the issue before it gets worse, you have 2 options…

Option 2: Continue trying cheap tricks.

Sleeping on a tennis ball, full length body pillows, tongue aerobics; they’re all techniques touted to reduce snoring.

But as you now know, they do not address the root cause and are not likely to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Option 3: Give ZQuiet a try.

I’ve done the research, worked with the experts, and found the proven solution.

It doesn’t require massive lifestyle changes or a big dent in your wallet.

Of the three options, what’s going to be easier for you?

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who continue to push their problems off and settle for mediocrity, and those who identify what is preventing them from a better life and find the solution.

The majority of people will say they want to be more healthy and improve their relationships, but we both know very few actually make it happen.

It’s the classic tale of the willful and the wishful.

Snoring is something most people will laugh at, while the few who are actually serious about their wellbeing will identify the long-term effects and take action.

Since you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones.

If I’m right and you’re still with me, make the decision to click the button below for more information about ZQuiet and get one today.

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