ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid
ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid

ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid

Nasal breathing aid improves airflow to relieve sinus congestion and reduce snoring. Patented flexible wings fit all sizes and gently expand your nasal passage to increase oxygen intake by up to 58% to promote healthy, restorative sleep.

  • Quiets nighttime breathing & snoring
  • Improves overall sleep quality
  • Increases workout performance
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  • Single Pack: 1 nasal dilator and storage case 
  • Double Pack: 2 nasal dilators and 1 storage case

“I noticed a big change in how I felt during my day after I started using this device(ZQuiet Breathe). I was breathing better during the night, and this led to better sleep. I never thought I slept poorly before, but it's hard to explain, I could feel it in my eyes - this refreshed feeling. I was a little amazed. I definitely recommend it!” - Derek J.

Nasal Breathing Aid


Premium Quality

ZQuiet Breathe is comfortable and can be worn for a long time. This product is manufactured in FDA inspected facility.

Increases Air Flow

Increase air volume by 58% which relieves snoring and sinus congestion.

Universal Fit

The flexible wings fit all sizes.

ZQuiet Breathe vs. Nasal Strips

No skin-pulling adhesive

Reusable for up to 15-days

Ready to use

Eliminates "one-chance" to adhere problem

No skin blemishes after usage

Adhesive pulls skin


Multi-step preparation process

Only one-chance to adhere correctly

May leave skin blemishes after usage

How It Works

Show Transcript
Trina Webster: A lot of people call us at ZQuiet and say hey does a nasal dilator really work to treat snoring and the answer is yes. Unlike tape that goes over your nose a nasal dilator is a product that goes just inside your nostrils and props open your airway. Anytime your airway is clear you have less snoring so it really effectively works for that nasal snoring and the other thing about a nasal dilator is no matter what you're just getting more oxygen. So let me ask you this, if you're going to go outside and exercise would you like all the oxygen or just enough to get by because, that's what a nasal dilator does for your brain all night long. It increases your air flow which makes your snoring go away and your sleep is more restful so you're waking up feeling so much better in the morning. I highly recommend a nasal dilator for sleeping, for the treatment of snoring, and actually even just for exercise. My husband uses his when he goes on long bike rides because he's just getting more air. It's an awesome product and well worth a try. I hope this is helpful.

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