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Trina: If you're new to trying ZQuiet, what do you need to know? For some people the snoring stops overnight and it's really easy and for others an adjustment period is needed and that's completely normal. Sometimes it takes a couple days and for some people it can even take a couple of weeks. The most important thing to know is that with time everything gets better, so we always recommend to start by wearing it for small periods of time make sure you start with size 1 and go for like 10-15 minutes at a time until it feels natural to have the mouthpiece in your mouth. Some drooling is natural, don't worry about it. It'll get better with time and use and then once you've established that you can wear the mouthpiece go ahead and try to wear it when you go to sleep. You may be able to sleep the whole night through with no issues, but don't be surprised if you find it on your pillow. It pops out at night sometimes. You may need to take it out during the night and you might even want to take a night or two off if you're feeling some jaw soreness which is completely normal. When you think about it you're moving your lower jaw forward and that's training new muscles - it's like a new exercise. So some jaw or tooth soreness is completely normal. All of these things subside with time and use, so take it easy, stay positive, and with time you're going to have a great night's sleep with ZQuiet and if you need any help we're always here, just reach out.
Tips To Get Started

Tip #1: Set Your Expectations.

For some, snoring stops overnight. For others, it can take a few days or weeks. Both are normal and worth the time for snore-free sleep.

Tip #2: Try it first when you’re awake.

Wear your mouthpiece for short, 15-minute spurts. Increase daily until you can wear it comfortably to sleep.

Tip #3: Work toward a full night’s use.

Adjusting takes time. Don’t worry if you can’t wear it the entire night, or if you need to take a night or two off.

Tip #4: Know the adjustment process.

You’re building new muscles, so you might notice jaw or tooth soreness. That’s normal, so is drooling or the mouthpiece popping out - your brain and body are getting used to it. It all gets better with time.

You Got This!

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Dan: So what's the difference between the two mouthpiece sizes? Many people think it has to do with the size of your mouth, but actually ZQuiet is soft and flexible and adjusts to any size mouth. Size-1 provides just a little bit of jaw advancement and that may be all that's required to stop your snoring. Size-2 provides a little bit more advancement to open that airway if it's required. If you're new to ZQuiet we always recommend that you get our two-size starter pack and begin with size one. You should really only proceed to size-2 if size i doesn't stop your snoring everyone's Anatomy is just a little bit different but we typically find that size-1 works best if you have an overbite or a normal bite with light to moderate snoring and size-2 works best if you have an underbite or a normal bite with very heavy snoring no matter which size works best for you size-1 or size-2 we wish you peaceful and happy sleep.
Mouthpiece Sizing Guide

Our mouthpiece is flexible and adjusts to almost any mouth size. The two sizes differ in the amount of jaw advancement they provide. Start with Size 1, then progress to Size 2 only if Size 1 doesn’t stop your snoring. size 1 and size 2 gif

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Trina: So what's the best way to care for your ZQuiet? First of all it's important to clean it after every use and we recommend using ZQuiet clean but you can also just use a toothbrush and some mild soap. You want to make sure you don't use any cleaner with harsh chemicals like bleach or alcohol or ammonia. And once it's clean be sure to store it flat in the storage case because this maintains the hinge strength and it'll last longer that way. So how long should your ZQuiet last? We like to think of it like a toothbrush: over time and with use it does need replacement. Most people with nightly use replace it about every four months, if you use it a little less often maybe every six months, and then some people who have particularly strong Jaws or who clench and grind their teeth at night wear through that hinge a little more quickly and need more frequent replacement. We carry each size on our website and it's really easy to reorder in just the size that you need.
Mouthpiece Care & Replacement

How to Clean Your ZQuiet

Maximize the life of your mouthpiece by cleaning it daily, then laying it flat in its storage case.

  • Clean your mouthpiece in seconds with ZQuiet Clean, specially formulated for your mouthpiece.
  • Or, use a toothbrush to scrub your mouthpiece with toothpaste or mild soap, then rinse with warm water.
  • Do not wash with alcohol, harsh chemicals, bleach, or ammonia.
  • Store your mouthpiece in its case to maintain hinge performance and protect it

When to Replace Your Mouthpiece

When worn daily, a ZQuiet mouthpiece should be replaced every 4 months for optimal performance and hygiene. With more occasional use, it can be replaced every 6 months.

Product Guides & Instructions

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