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Why You Snore

And The Science Behind The Solutions

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring noise is caused by turbulent air that vibrates the soft tissues in your airway. As you sleep the tissue in the back of your throat and in your nasal passages relax, and your tongue collapses in the back of your throat which narrows the airway and creates the turbulent air.

Many factors can contribute to snoring, including age, weight gain, alcohol and tobacco use, and sleep position. No matter what factors may be contributing to you or your bed partner’s snoring, the best solutions work to widen the airway and keep it clear of obstruction and the turbulent air that causes snoring.

Stop Snoring At The Source

Snoring Solutions Backed By Research & Technology

The ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece stops snoring at its source. By gently advancing your lower jaw, it widens the airway in the back of the throat to stop tissue vibration and quiet the snoring noise. ZQuiet’s mouthpiece is backed by decades of research and works right out of the box.

illustration showing the root cause of snoring in airway without ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece

Restricted Airway Causes Snoring

illustration showing how ZQuiet advances the jaw to keep the airway open and stop the snoring sound

ZQuiet Opens the Airway To Stop Snoring

Get Snoring Relief Now

  • Easy to use – no boiling or molding
  • Effective – trusted by millions for over a decade
  • Safe – FDA Cleared snoring solution
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Watch the Technology in Action

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Watch Closely! Most snoring is caused by your jaw relaxing and falling back. Surrounding soft tissues collapse and restrict breathing. Your lungs work hard to force air through this compromised space, resulting in the snoring sound. ZQuiet corrects this. It gently positions your lower jaw slightly forward; helping to open your airway and keeping it clear in any sleeping position. You’ll effectively treat snoring and both sleep better from the very first night. Guaranteed!

Breathe Better, Sleep Better

Increase airflow and oxygen to achieve quiet, healthy sleep.

Humans are designed to inhale and breathe through our nose while we sleep. Sinus congestion, inflammation, and soft tissue collapsing during sleep can restrict natural airflow and create air turbulence that creates snoring noise and diminishes oxygen intake.

increase airflow by 58%
Nasal Breathing Aids

A nasal breathing aid improves airflow to relieve sinus congestion and reduce snoring. Flexible wings gently expand your nasal passage to increase airflow and oxygen intake to promote healthy, restorative sleep.

  • Quiets nighttime breathing & snoring
  • Improves overall sleep quality
  • Increases workout performance
illustration showing how ZQuiet breathe works to expand nasal passages to increase airflow

ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid

Breathe Better, Sleep Better

  • Improves Breathing Efficiency - Increases air flow by 58% which relieves sinus congestion and snoring
  • Premium Quality - Proudly manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered facility
  • All Night Comfort - Designed for comfort during extended use
  • Universal Fit - The flexible wings fit all sizes
  • Economical - Washable and reusable

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How It Works

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Trina Webster: A lot of people call us at ZQuiet and say hey does a nasal dilator really work to treat snoring and the answer is yes. Unlike tape that goes over your nose a nasal dilator is a product that goes just inside your nostrils and props open your airway. Anytime your airway is clear you have less snoring so it really effectively works for that nasal snoring and the other thing about a nasal dilator is no matter what you're just getting more oxygen. So let me ask you this, if you're going to go outside and exercise would you like all the oxygen or just enough to get by because, that's what a nasal dilator does for your brain all night long. It increases your air flow which makes your snoring go away and your sleep is more restful so you're waking up feeling so much better in the morning. I highly recommend a nasal dilator for sleeping, for the treatment of snoring, and actually even just for exercise. My husband uses his when he goes on long bike rides because he's just getting more air. It's an awesome product and well worth a try. I hope this is helpful.

How To Quiet The Noise And Sleep Blissfully.

When you sleep with a snorer, you lose an average of 1 hour of sleep a night. After just one week, that’s a full night’s sleep lost.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

Each of these compact earplugs provides passive noise reduction and uses specialized noise filters that reduce snoring and other environmental noises by up to 27 decibels.

1. Hypo-Allergenic - Material is safe and easy to clean

2. Ultra Comfort - Soft, flexible tips minimize pressure on the ear canal

3. Integrated Pull Tab - Allows for easy removal

4. Attenuation Filter - Provides 27 dB of passive noise reduction

image showing important features of the ZQuiet earplus

ZQuiet Flex-Fit Earplug Set

Quiet The Snoring

Ear canals are sensitive, and their size has nothing to do with gender, height or weight. Earplugs are only effective if they're comfortable, fit well, and completely seal the ear canal.

Each of these discreet earplugs are made with hypo-allergenic materials, have pull tabs for easy removal, and are reusable.

Set Includes:
  • Premium silicone ear tips. 2 sizes for optimum fit.
  • 1 Set of noise filters to swap between tip sizes
  • Handy cleaning brush and protective storage case.

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Designed for sleeping and all-night comfort, but are great for many uses besides sleep

a man using a table saw while wearing ZQuiet earplugs to block harmful sounds

Great for reducing machine noise when working on home projects.

side view of a woman wearing ZQuiet earplugs while working on a laptop in a busy coffe shop

Great for reducing noise and distractions when working or studying in public places or other noisy environments.

woman using ZQuiet earplugs sleeping peacefully on airplane

Ideal for blocking out unwanted noise when traveling on planes, trains or buses

ZQuiet 60 Night Better Sleep Guarantee™ With Free Returns

ZQuiet is committed to better sleep for everyone. Enjoy your purchase for a full 60 nights. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, simply return your purchase within 60 days for a refund or credit. We will even pay to ship it back!

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How Snoring Impacts Your Health

When you snore, your sleep is negatively impacted. When you lose sleep, you may experience weight gain, mood disorders, lack of focus resulting in accidents, poor performance at work, and relationship and family stress. Snoring is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, reduced sexual function, diabetes, and stroke. Snoring affects bed partners, too. On average, the bed partner of a snorer loses an average of one hour of sleep per night.

Founded in 2008, ZQuiet offers a range of solutions to stop snoring. The ZQuiet mouthpiece stops what causes snoring at its source and is an FDA-cleared device that has helped millions of people stop snoring. ZQuiet now offers a range of snoring remedies and snoring aids to help snorers and bed partners of snoring, including nasal breathing aids, earplugs, and more.