You made a commitment to treat your snoring issue and ZQuiet is here to help:

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It’s normal to feel some initial side effects when using a jaw re-positioning device for the first time. This is true of all anti-snoring mouthpieces, even expensive custom devices made by dental labs. The following is normal and should improve with time:

  • Some gagging, drooling, or discomfort while you get used to wearing your new ZQuiet. 
  •  Jaw Soreness (similar to when you start a new exercise program and have sore muscles). 
  • Sensation that your teeth are shifting. Advancing the jaw puts some temporary pressure on the teeth but it’s not likely that your teeth are actually moving unless you have underlying tooth or gum disease. 
  • Finding ZQuiet on your pillow instead of in your mouth, give it time. Continued use, or ZQuiet Chin-UP strips can help with this. 

If you’d like more time to adjust to your ZQuiet, or need advice, or some friendly encouragement, give us a call at 800-281-0543 or

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