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How to Sleep in Summer Heat

With summer temperatures in full effect, now is the time to take the necessary steps to make sure you get a comfy night's sleep! Room and body temperature are closely related and have a significant impact on our quality of sleep. The temperature of our environment can affect our core body temperature, essentially meaning that how hot or cold your room and home are can have more of an impact than you may know.

While blasting your air conditioner may seem like an automatic solution, that's not great for your electric bill, nor the environment with carbon dioxide being released into the air.

A few simple tricks can help you better sleep in the hot summer heat.

Less Light

All light bulbs give off some heat, even if it is minimal. Since it stays lighter much later during the summer months, take advantage and try to keep your light usage to a minimum. This will keep your room cooler.

Use a fan

Fans are an inexpensive alternative to air conditioning. Using a fan throughout the night to keep the air circulating can draw heat out of the room and even push it out of an open window.

An even more creative way to fight the heat is to place a bowl full of ice cubes in front of the fan. The breeze will slowly distribute the melting cold vapor from the ice, releasing a cool mist.

Drink More Water

Stay hydrated! According to the Mayo Clinic, you want to ensure you’re getting eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid per day, with the majority of it being water. Drink a small glass of cool water before bed to keep your body hydrated and cool. It will also replenish any loss of water due to sweating.

Take a cold shower

If you feel hot before bedtime, take a cold shower. It can reduce the heat you’re feeling, and help to drop your core body temperature and rinse off any lingering sweat before you hop into bed.