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ZQuiet Ergo-Soft Replacement Earplugs
ZQuiet Ergo-Soft Replacement Earplugs
ZQuiet Ergo-Soft Replacement Earplugs

Earplugs For Sleeping

Quiet the snoring for a better nights sleep.

The ZQuiet Ergo-Soft earplugs offer a soft flexible material for optimal comfort and fit.

Ergo-Soft Features:

  1. Ultra Comfort - Soft, flexible tips minimize pressure on the ear canal
  2. Hypo Allergenic - Material is safe and easy to clean
  3. Attenuation Filter - Provides 27 dB of passive noise reduction
  4. Integrated Pull Tab - Allows for easy removal
  5. Ergonomic Shape - Gently conforms to your ear canal

ZQuiet Ergo-Soft Earplugs Uses

The ZQuiet Ergo-Soft Earplugs were designed for sleeping and all-night comfort but, are great for many uses besides sleep

For Travel

Ideal for blocking out unwanted noise when traveling on planes, trains or buses

For Play

Provides general hearing protection against noise levels that can damage your ears such as power tools and loud concerts.

For Work

Great for reducing noise and distractions when working or studying in public places or other noisy environments.

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