4 Products to Support Your Sleep Resolutions in 2022

Get ahead of your New Year's resolution and stick to it! 2022 has rocked our daily lives and that often includes our sleep. Stress and insomnia are at an all-time high, so as we go into 2023, include quality sleep on your list of goals for the new year. We’re here to help: read on for our top 5 products to make 2023 your best year of sleep yet!

Is noise keeping you up?

Do you find yourself hearing every noise each night? Are you hearing your spouse talk in their sleep or snore? Earbuds and ear plugs are a quick fix to help you stay asleep at night. Our earplugs for sleeping are specifically designed to quiet snoring sounds as well as other environmental noises.


Is snoring your issue?

Whether you’re the snorer, or your spouse is, our ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece was designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Designed by top dentists, it acts to move the lower jaw just slightly forward, which widens the airway and alleviates snoring.

Can’t keep still?

Most of us move in our sleep, often tossing and turning. For some it’s a real issue that disrupts their sleep and causes them to snore and wake in the middle of the night. A positional therapy device can solve that in an instant. It acts to prevent you from sleeping on your back where snoring most commonly occurs. Designed it to be lightweight, comfortable to wear, and it can be easily packed during holiday travel.

Cheers to 2022

Cheers to 2022!