How can I stop snoring for less? Use ZQuiet, stop snoring!

Snoring can be costly in many ways. Relationships are the first to be impacted. According to a Better Sleep Council survey, 26 percent of people say they sleep better when alone than with a partner.

But did you know that snoring may also be costing you financially? Break out that wallet, because here’s how the dollar signs add up when you choose to ignore solving your snoring problem.

New Mattress $$

Think a new mattress may help with your snoring? While a new mattress will likely get some action going in your bedroom, it wont help anyone to stop snoring. A new mattress will run around the cost of $500 to $1500 depending on size, quality, and composition. Then, there is the cost to move it and the headache that comes with agreeing on a mattress.

Separate Bedrooms $$$

Perhaps you think sleeping in separate rooms can help. You keep snoring, but your spouse or partner gets the rest he or she needs. Well, the average cost of building a separate bedroom ranges from $11,000 to nearly $30,000. Other costs could be furniture and decor. And, if you end up sleeping on the couch, there is the cost of dealing with back pain and other health impacts.

How snoring affects relationships

Couples Therapy $$$

Your spouse resents you, disdains you, can’t put up with you due to your snoring. So, you decide to talk it out. With the average cost of couples therapy ranging from $125 to $400 per session, you may want to avoid seeing a therapist and reserve that for the real issues of a couple. Our earplugs for sleeping will not only block out snoring noise, they might also help when your partner is a little too chatty.

Divorce $$$$$

If you push the limits on your relationship, it may impact it significantly, leading to the ultimate cost: divorce. The average cost of getting a divorce is $12,900, but is often much more. That is not the only cost, of course -- there is also stress, life change, relationship change, and more.

All of this can easily be avoided by addressing the snoring in your relationship before it leads to these costly issues. Shop now to solve your snoring issues at far less the cost!