3 Products to Improve Your Sleep for Renewed Energy


As we head into the last few months of 2022, restoring our energy is more important than ever. Exercise, a healthy diet, and taking time to mediate can all be key steps to ensure you’re on the path to feeling rejuvenated and present. While these are all necessary, sleep is critical to renewing your energy. Why? Your body needs sleep in the same way it needs air, food and water. During sleep your body gets to rest and restores its chemical imbalance.

While you sleep, paths form between the neurons in your brain that help you remember any new information you have learned. Sleep deprivation leaves your brain exhausted, making it unable to perform its duties.

While snoring, noise, and sleeping in a certain position are key contributors to what can keep you up at night, leaving you feeling lousy the next morning.


There are many products created to address and solve each problem. Below is a list of some products and how they help to improve your sleep (or lack thereof):

  • Snoring: Whether you’re a sufferer or the one sharing your bed is, the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Designed by dentists, it acts to move the lower jaw just slightly forward, which widens the airway and alleviates snoring. It comes complete with a 60-Night Better Sleep Guarantee. Learn how it fared with customers here.
  • Noise: Does your partner keep you up at night with their loud snoring? Or does every noise wake you, every creak or even the wind blowing? Earbuds and ear plugs are a quick fix to help you stay asleep. Our passive noise reduction earplugs are specifically designed for comfort and to greatly reduce snoring sounds as well as other annoying environmental noises while you sleep.
  • Sleeping Position: Most people move in their sleep. For some it is truly disruptive and causes them to snore and even wake in the middle of the night. You may benefit from an Anti-Snoring Positional Sleep Aid. It acts to prevent you from sleeping on your back where snoring most commonly occurs. They are designed to be lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easily able to pack during travel.

Whatever the issue may be that’s causing you to suffer from poor sleep, finding a solution to help resolve it is crucial. Start with trying these products and make your sleep a top priority!