Buying snoring mouthpieces

Where to buy a stop-snoring mouthpiece

Snoring is often a disruptive behavior that impacts both you and your bed partner. With sleep being such a vital component to overall health, it’s important to address any issue that’s preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Finding the right stop snoring device can be challenging since there are so many options available. Once you narrow down which device you’d like to use, it can then be difficult to figure out where to purchase it.

Stop snoring mouthpieces are just one type of device that can help you kick snoring out of bed. Designed to address a central cause of snoring, a blocked airway, mouthpieces work by shifting your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This positioning opens your airway and stops the vibrations of throat tissue that cause the snoring sound. While a variety of stop snoring mouthpieces exist on the market, each has unique features to help you find the device that works best for you. The trick is to shop smart when looking to buy this type of device.


Common places to shop for stop snoring devices

Although product advertising may say otherwise, you actually won’t find any stop snoring mouthpieces in any of these establishments. Drug stores like CVS or Walgreens and superstores like Wal-Mart typically have stock of other types of devices that aid in minimizing snoring like nasal strips, sprays, and breathe aids, but don’t target the airway in the same, direct way that mouthpieces do.

Limited stock of certain types of mouthpieces may be available, but even if they claim to stop snoring, chances are that’s not what their original purpose was. What you’re actually encountering most of the time in these situations are either sports guards or night-guards, neither of which actually function to stop snoring.

Sports mouthguards are typically thicker than anti-snoring mouthpieces. They’re meant for use during athletic or physical activities that involve a lot of contact. Their main purpose is to protect teeth during collisions during sports like football, wrestling, rugby, etc.

Night guards are used at night, but focus on stopping you from grinding your teeth. The design’s function is to ensure your teeth can’t touch rather than positioning your jaw to ensure your airway stays clear. Night guards, often called “Bruxism or Brux guards, do not treat snoring.

It can be easy to get tricked into buying the wrong product in these situations because all the mouthpieces often look very similar. However, there’s one distinct difference to look for — regular mouthguards are missing a bottom. In order to adjust your lower jaw so it sits slightly forward while you sleep, stop snoring mouthpieces need to have a top and bottom, and some mechanism to position the bottom piece forward. This positioning helps ensure your tongue stays away from the back of your throat and your airway remains clear while you sleep. Mouthguards like the ones mentioned above typically only consist of a top piece. This does nothing to position your mouth in a way that will keep your airway clear. They won’t stop your snoring.

Online superstores

Using an online superstore like Amazon can yield an extensive list of options when searching for a stop snoring mouthpiece. However, this list is based on keyword search and isn’t vetted as to what products really work. You’ll get a long list, but short product descriptions which can make it hard to differentiate between products and authenticate the information. You may still run the risk of purchasing a device that doesn’t actually address snoring if the product description is misleading. While online stores might not be the best place to purchase a stop snoring device, they can be a good resource for user reviews. Often, customers are more likely to rate or review a product on these types of sites that on the product’s actual website. This can give you a clearer impression of the user experience for any device you’re considering purchasing.

Beware of inexpensive devices manufactured in other countries. These often do not have FDA Clearance or the assurance that safe materials are used and there’s no guarantee the device is made in a clean manufacturing environment. For a more vetted product comparison of devices that can potentially stop you from snoring, ZQuiet created a chart of the most popular mouthpieces. Manufacturers websites may take a while, but looking at each product’s website before deciding on the right stop snoring mouthpiece for you can give you the best overall impression. Not only will you find the most in-depth information about the mouthpiece itself, but you can access customer testimonials, feedback from medical professionals, and verification on product quality. Additionally, special offers, available only through the manufacturer, will be promoted prominently on these sites.

It’s important to note that, while exploring manufacturer websites, not all claims are truthful. Some companies will guarantee the quality of their product by saying it’s FDA approved when it’s not. Following up on claims like this is quick and easy. Visit the FDA database and search by product name for verification that the mouthpiece is legitimate and not some cheap knock-off. Before you make a final selection as you research devices, it’s important to have a few key questions in mind to ensure the mouthpiece you select will suit your needs.

You can ask:

  • Can I customize the mouthpiece?
  • Is it adjustable?
  • Will the device allow me to move my jaw when it’s in place?
  • How big is the breathing hole in the device?
  • Is it FDA cleared?
  • How bulky is the design?

Some mouthpieces will align with enough features to allow you to consider giving them a try. Devices like ZQuiet, for example, offer customization by providing a starter pack of two specific adjustment sizes to help you find your most comfortable fit without the hassle of molding the mouthpiece. The hinged design allows you to move your jaw enough to speak while it’s in place and provides ample space for easy breathing. With its sleek design, ease-of-use and the assurance of FDA product registration, it’s one of the leading mouthpieces on the market to help you have a quiet night’s sleep.Now that you know where to buy, click here for more information on what to know before you make a stop snoring mouthpiece purchase.

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