ZQuiet Breathe improves breathing to help prevent illness. Learn how.

We contract many contagious diseases, like COVID-19, or Coronavirus, by mouth-breathing. You would be shocked by the number of germs that can work their way from your mouth into your nose, throat, and lungs! When we breathe through our nostrils — also called nasal breathing — we can better arm ourselves again certain infectious diseases. How? Well, when we breathe in bacteria, cells along our nasal passages release tiny fluid-filled sacs, called exosomes, that fight microbes. Pretty neat, huh? They also warn other cells in the body, prompting them to do the same, effectively arming the whole system. (Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology).

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Nasal passages: An amazing protection system

Your nasal passages contain hairs which filter inhaled air of its impurities, then expel them through exhalation. When impurities accumulate too rapidly and penetrate forbidden regions, a sneeze ejects the intruder! Who knew your nose was such a warrior?

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Improve your immunity: Open up your nasal passages

When our nasal passages are constricted it may impact the ability of white blood cells to reach the mucus membranes that ward off disease. Opening up the nasal passages is key for overall health and immunity. Interventions, like the ZQuiet Breathe, an intra-nasal breathing aid, can increase air volume by up to 58%. Anti-snore nasal dilators gently expand your nasal passage to increase the oxygen level.You can also try home treatments, such as using a humidifier or vaporizer, breathing in steam from a pot of warm water, drinking lots of fluids, using a Neti pot, or placing a warm, wet towel on your face.