ZQuiet Mouthpiece Improves Patient's Sleep. Find out How!

"Snoring can lead to a multitude of health problems. But if you could get rid of it easily, would you do it?"

While some may snicker and ignore it, snoring is no laughing matter. Even mild to moderate snoring can be related to heart disease, reduced sexual function, and depression. Other problems include increased risk of stroke, warns sleep medicine expert Karl Doghramji, MD, medical director of the Sleep Center at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals in Philadelphia.

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Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS

Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS, a renowned associate professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of the Pacific and UCSF Schools of Dentistry, teamed up with product designer Larry Calberrg and chronic snorer Dan Webster to design a device that would radically change sleeping for millions. After 2 years and 14 prototypes, this team of experts came up with a snoring solution called ZQuiet®. The patented ZQuiet® anti-snoring mouthpiece helps to prevent snoring by moving the lower jaw forward and opening the airways to decrease vibrations in the throat. This results in more restful sleep and other health benefits for both snorers and their sleeping partners.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Super easy! Simply pop it in your mouth before bed and sleep easy! The ZQuiet Starter Kit comes with 2 sizes:

  • Comfort Size 1: Start with comfort size 1. This mouthpiece advances your jaw +2mm. This size will allow your jaw to acclimate to the forward position as your airway opens for a better night’s sleep.
  • Comfort Size 2: If your snoring has not subsided to your desired level after a few days, move on the comfort size 2. This mouthpiece advances your jaw +6mm which will open your airways more to have a greater effect on decreasing snoring.

With ZQuiet, it’s not just preventing snoring, it’s helping you and your partner get a better night’s rest and have more energy throughout the day to perform optimally.


Why Choose ZQuiet?

Doctor with Mouthpiece

The ZQuiet mouthpiece was recognized on Yahoo! Finance for receiving the MAD Mouthpiece of the Year award for 2019. While there were 15-20 other major mouthpiece manufacturers in the MAD (Mandibular Adjustment Device) category battling for the top spot, ZQuiet was chosen as the clear cut winner. "We truly believe that the ZQuiet, at least when it comes to Mandibular Adjustment Devices, is easily the best and most usable mouthpiece of 2019," said Steve Walker, spokesman for The Snoring Mouthpiece Review. "Its design remains a really unique selling point, as it allows freedom of movement where many other MAD designs do not."

BPA Free & FDA Cleared

ZQuiet is properly cleared and registered with the FDA. We had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose. Don’t buy any mouthpiece that isn’t properly registered and listed with the FDA.

Dental Experts Approve ZQuiet!

ZQuiet was designed with the help of experts like Dr. Avery Lieberman DDS. It’s based on the same methods dentists have been utilizing for years in fitting patients with custom appliances. Dr. Payam Atall DDS says, “As a dentist, I prefer the ZQuiet design because it fits comfortably and discretely over the upper and lower teeth without the hassle of boiling or molding. My patients love ZQuiet because 1, it’s affordable; 2, they can fit it themselves; and 3, it works!

The Results

Over 1,000,000 people have used ZQuiet to prevent snoring. Consumers have even used apps like SnoreLab to test the effectiveness of the mouthpiece. Below are the results of one user’s experience.

Zquiet App
Zquiet MouthPiece

Try ZQuiet Now

Currently, you can purchase the ZQuiet 2-size starter kit for a special introductory price of just $79.95 ($20 off and free shipping). Because of the high demand, this promotion is not going to last long! It even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

  • It’s cost-saving – don’t spend money on custom mouthpieces ever again!
  • They work for men and women – if you have a mouth, you can use this!
  • Easy to use and convenient – just pop it in before bed!