Combat Covid-19 With Good Sleep

While there is still so much we’re learning about Covid-19 nearly two years on, there is also a lot we have learned about combating it as well as the flu.

One precaution is simple, but often overlooked: Sleep to boost your immune system.

Your body needs sleep to fight infection if you become ill, and it will also help to prevent sickness if you are not. Working now to master quality sleep will help to fight the Covid-19 virus and other seasonal illnesses, such as the flu and cold.

When we do not get enough sleep, it negatively impacts our immune system and its ability to fight back. When we sleep, the immune system releases cytokines. Some cytokines play a role in how the immune system functions. Lack of sleep may alter cytokines and affect the immune system response (Source: Science Direct).


Here’s how to stay healthy with quality rest:

Stick to a routine

If you’re home all day, you may be tempted to take more naps. While a short power nap early in the day can be useful to some people, it’s best to avoid long naps, or naps later in the day that can hinder nighttime sleep.

Establishing a routine can facilitate a sense of normalcy even in abnormal times. It’s easier for your mind and body to acclimate to a consistent sleep schedule, which is why health experts have long recommended avoiding major variation in your daily sleep times.

Take a hot shower

A simple, but often overlooked activity is to take a hot shower or bath right before bed to relax your muscles, making you more comfortable to get a good night's sleep.

Open your airway

A saline nasal spray can help with a stuffy nose. You can also give decongestant nose strips a try, which widen nostrils from the outside to help make breathing easier. If your nose becomes red and raw from all the wiping, a small drop of petroleum jelly or cream can often soothe irritated skin.

ZQuiet’s Nasal Breathing Aid improves nasal breathing and airflow to relieve sinus congestion and reduce snoring. Its patented flexible wings fit all sizes and gently expand your nasal passage to improve oxygen intake and increase airflow up to 58% to promote healthy, restorative sleep.

Tackle your snoring

There are many culprits that prove to be sleep disruptors, snoring being a top one. If you (or someone you know) is already struggling with sleep due to snoring, consider the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece, which is designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. We also offer a range of snoring solutions to help you get the rest you need (and deserve!).

Stay active

It’s easy to overlook exercise with everything going on and the desire to avoid the gym, but regular daily activity has numerous important benefits, including for quality sleep.

Go for a walk while maintaining a safe distance from other people. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house, or it’s too cold as winter is approaching, many gyms and fitness studios are live-streaming free classes. Try something you love or try something new to put a new spring in your step and improve your sleep when you do. Tiring yourself through exercise often does the trick!

Wash your hands often

It may sound like a broken record but to protect others in your household from getting sick and yourself, lather up with soap and warm wash for at least a full minute.

Stay home

Keep your germs to yourself by not going to work, school or any functions this winter. If you must leave home, wear a face mask and limit interaction and touch with others to help prevent spreading the virus to others.