FAQs About Other ZQuiet Snoring Solutions and Accessories

Discover the answers to your most common inquiries regarding Anti-Snoring Solutions and Accessories on this comprehensive page dedicated to ZQuiet Earplugs, ZQuiet Clean & the ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Dilator. This page includes additional instructions about the proper usage of the ZQuiet earplugs as well as the correct method of inserting earplugs and how to swap the noise reduction between the different earplug sizes. Get information on the effective utilization of ZQuiet Clean, the ingredients used in the ZQuiet cleaner, and the most effective way to clean a stop-snoring mouthpiece. Learn more about the duration of ZQuiet Breathe's effectiveness, how often to replace it, and what the ZQuiet Breathe nasal dilator is made of. There are also frequently asked questions about anti-snoring devices and the FDA approval status of ZQuiet

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ZQuiet Earplugs

A great fit is paramount for both comfort and optimal performance. One size does not fit all which is why each set of ZQuiet Earplugs includes 2 sizes. It should fit comfortably with an airtight acoustic seal. If the earplug feels too big (creates pressure or is very difficult to insert) it probably means you have ear canals on the smaller side and should use the smaller size eartips that are included. Be sure to follow the instructions or watch the video on how to change the filters. (watch video)

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Wash your hands and make sure your ear canals are clean and free of wax. Grasping the wide end of the earplug, place the tip over the ear canal and gently push into the ear with a twisting motion until the ear is sealed.

Wash your hands. Grasp the pull tab and remove using a slow twisting motion. Repeat for the other ear. Be sure to clean earplugs after each use and store them in the provided case.

The set includes 2 sizes of eartips & 1 set of interchangeable filters. The filters are easily removed and reinserted into both eartip sizes.To remove the filter, peel back silicone around the filter top and push out from the tip side. Take the alternate size eartip and pry filter into the circular filter cavity by inserting the pointed end first. Fold silicone rim back over the circular edge of the filter to secure.Watch the video on how to change the filters.

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Cleaning the earplugs is easy. Use a brush to remove any dirt or wax from the tip. Clean eartip with a soft damp cloth. Important: Do not soak or submerge the noise reduction filters, as they are not waterproof. Remove filters prior to deep cleaning eartips with mild soap and water. Do not use any cleaning solvents or chemicals.

Your ZQuiet earplugs are reusable but with extended use, the eartips can weaken and could break. Be sure to replace at least every 3 months or if excessive wear is evident.

ZQuiet Earplugs do not require any batteries as they use passive technology (meaning no electronic components). You just insert them into your ears and the sound reduction is immediate!

The differences between the Flex-Fit and Ergo-Soft earplugs comes down to 3 primary features; material, shape, and sizing. The Flex-Fit earplugs are made from hypo-allergenic silicone, have a straight cone shape, and come in 2 eartip sizes; whereas the Ergo-Soft are made of a soft rubber compound, have an angled cone shape, and come only in size Small.

ZQuiet Clean

ZQuiet Clean was designed by a team of dental hygienists to provide a safe, non-peroxide, chlorine-free cleaning solution and is made with natural peppermint and eucalyptus ingredients.

With daily cleanings, the 1.5oz bottle should last 30-45 days.

The ZQuiet Clean bottle is TSA compliant and can be carried on with your other approved carry-on liquids that fit in a Quart size bag, or packed in your checked baggage.

ZQuiet Breathe

With regular use, ZQuiet Breathe will remain effective for about 2 weeks.

Not at all. Most people find that using it facing up like a "W" is more comfortable, but others find that not to be true and prefer it facing down like an "M". The ZQuiet Breathe will still be just as effective whichever way you choose to use it.

Yes. You can fold the wings in slightly to mold the material to fit inside your nose better.

You should notice the increased airflow immediately.

To experience the benefits of increased oxygen intake and restful sleep, ZQuiet Breathe should be worn every night.

ZQuiet Breathe is made with a propylene based internal structure with a thermal polyethylene (TPE) covering. The product is latex and BPA-Free, and proudly made in the USA.

Nasal dilators are extremely helpful to increase airflow and oxygen intake while you sleep or exercise. Unlike nasal strips, a nasal dilator expands your nostrils from the inside which is the most effective way to open nasal passages. Nasal dilators are especially effective when you are experiencing allergies or congestion, or when snoring is present. (Watch Video)

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Trina Webster: A lot of people call us at ZQuiet and say hey does a nasal dilator really work to treat snoring and the answer is yes. Unlike tape that goes over your nose a nasal dilator is a product that goes just inside your nostrils and props open your airway. Anytime your airway is clear you have less snoring so it really effectively works for that nasal snoring and the other thing about a nasal dilator is no matter what you're just getting more oxygen. So let me ask you this, if you're going to go outside and exercise would you like all the oxygen or just enough to get by because, that's what a nasal dilator does for your brain all night long. It increases your air flow which makes your snoring go away and your sleep is more restful so you're waking up feeling so much better in the morning. I highly recommend a nasal dilator for sleeping, for the treatment of snoring, and actually even just for exercise. My husband uses his when he goes on long bike rides because he's just getting more air. It's an awesome product and well worth a try. I hope this is helpful.