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Give the Gift of Sleep to Everyone on Your List!

Not sure what to give Mom, your spouse, or even yourself? Give the gift that everyone needs: quality sleep!

Here is our gift guide for a selection of gifts to help improve sleep for all. Whether snoring, positioning or congestion is the issue, there is something for everyone!

For the one who snores...

Whether you’re a sufferer of snoring, or the one sharing your bed is, the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Designed by dentists, it acts to move the lower jaw just slightly forward, which widens the airway and alleviates snoring. Snoring relief, guaranteed!

For the one who craves quiet

Does your partner keep you up at night with their loud snoring? Or does every noise wake you or them, every step or draft of wind you hear? Earbuds and ear plugs are a quick fix to help you stay asleep. Our noise-cancelling earbuds are specifically designed for comfort and to greatly reduce heavy snoring sounds as well as other annoying environmental noises. We also offer earplugs for sleeping that quiet the sounds of light snoring.

For the one who tosses and turns...

Most people move about in their sleep. For some it's truly disruptive and causes them to snore and even wake in the middle of the night. They can benefit from an anti-snoring positional sleep aid. It acts to prevent you from sleeping on your back where snoring most commonly occurs. We’ve designed it to be lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easily able to pack during travel.

For the one who suffers from sinus congestion...

Do you know someone who constantly has sinus issues and congestion? Help improve their nasal breathing and airflow to relieve sinus congestion and reduce snoring with the Quiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid. It’s patented flexible wings fit all sizes and gently expand your nasal passage to increase oxygen intake up to 58% to promote healthy, restorative sleep. It’s great for many different types of snorers, including pregnant women. It’s also a great tool for athletes who want to increase oxygen intake during exercise!